Metadata is a structured description about the characteristics of a particular piece of information. It includes some elements such as content details, quality, associated dates, geographical bounding box, distribution policy, safety and legal restrictions and update frequency, to name but a few.

Component of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Aragón and, as such, the present website displays them through the Spatial Data Catalogue and make use of them through the Catalogue Web Service (CWS). The aim of CWS is that both citizens and organizations are informed about the certified geographic information, managed by the Aragon Government. Also, any computer system is prepared to find it owing to the fact that it is catalogued under the regulation ISO 19115 (for cartographic units or products). In case of geographic services the standard is ISO 19119.

Geographic information/service use XML as the Metadata Exchange Format.

For additional information, please do consult the following specific article of the Cartographic Regulation of Aragón: 7.2.3. Metadata.