Access to 3D Viewer


Geographic application that allows a simulation 3D flight over the Aragonese territory. This scenario has been generated from geographic information and aerial photographs created Geographic Institute of Aragon (IGEAR).

The application display the information coming from Government Aragon corporate servants with geodatos in system of coordinates ETRS89 UTM 30 N (EPSG: 25830). It is the best to note that IDEARAGON is a continuous evolution project, so their contents and functions are regulary updated.

The access to the present application, allows the use of a basic tools set in any geographic application, such as visualization tools, situation map, table of contents, longitudinal topographic profile, etc.


Be patient, the initial charge may take several seconds. Visualization and uploading can improve if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It is recommended that the bar be updated given the WebGL requirements of this application.


The mix geographic information used to obtain a virtual model is:
Spatial Resolution of Aerial Photography / Orthophoto / Satellite Image:
  • Ortofoto PNOA 0.5 m color year 2015.
Spatial Resolution of the Digital Terrain Model(DTM):
  • 0.5 m resolution. Year 2015.


  • Operating System: Windows 7.x 32 bit or higher, MAC or open-source operating systems.
  • Random Memory: minimum 1 GB RAM.
  • Graphic Card: minimum 500 mb.
  • Internet Connection: minimum 10 Mb.