Access to the ATLAS


The Atlas of Aragón publishes a group of maps, tabular data, graphics, as well as multimedia contest (videos, links, documents, exercises) based on the Spatial Informative Documents (DIT). This spatial data are the main geopgraphical knowledge which allow Aragon’s thematic, statistical and spatial analysis. Geographic Institute of Aragon (IGEAR) is responsible for its creation and maintenance due to legislation (Legislative Decree 2/2015, of 17 November, of the Government of Aragon, approving the consolidated text of the Law of Ordinance Territory of Aragon, BOA nº 225 of 11/20/2015). Therefore, Atlas is the instrument which supplies the comprehensive development of geographical knowledge of Aragon’s territory to all citizens, being a dynamic tool where users can set their profiles and upload information through the users zone.


For any doubt or suggestion , please do e-mail us: IGEAR

Link to the Atlas of Aragón.