IDEAragon, Aragon Government takes a step forward in order to achieve the set objectives from the European Directive 2007/2/CE INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe), Law 14/2010, July 5th, about infrastructures and geographic information systems in Spain (LISIGE), and Law 3/2022, October 6th, geographic information systems in Aragon (LIGA) which objective is to provide the relevant, agreed, and of quality geographic information, in order to let users to formulate, implement, monitor and assess impact or territorial area policies.

IDEAragon is defined as organized series of geographically referenced data, belonging to the Aragonese territory and arranged in different and accessible geographic systems on the internet. It consists of policies, standards, human resources and required technologies in order to discover, inform, use and support geographic information.

To sum up, it is a computer system made up of different sorts of resources (servers, catalogues, data, metadata, services, applications and geographic websites) to manage the geographic information (cartography, maps, orthophotos, satellite images) in order to be published on the internet under conditions of interoperability (regulations, specifications and protocols) and to be used by private or public users with a web browser.