The main objective is to integrate, spread, share the geographic information, and rationalize resources with reference to the reports elaboration and the Aragonese territory research. The operational objectives are the following:

  • Make the geographic information easier to those administrative entities of the Aragón Government which need it in order to develop their respective plans.
  • Spread the public geographic information of the autonomous community to any internet user.
  • Make the cartography download easier using multiple digital formats.
  • Publish geographic services which allow an interoperable access to the geographic information, managed by the Aragón Government.

The final objective is to have a corporate platform based on a geographic centralized system totally certified and managed through geographic applications and services. Therefore, all the geographic data published in IDEARAGON meet the following requirements:

  • Geographic data which are located in the Aragonese territory (or border adjacent areas depending on the produced cartographic products), under the responsibility of the public Aragonese Administration.
  • Geographic data which production and maintenance is under the competency of an Administration or public Aragonese sector.
  • Geographic data related to Geographic Reference Information and the existing Essential Thematic/General Data.