The Aragón Government is aware of the fact that the management of the vast autonomous community territory is only possible through Geographic Information Technologies (GIT). Therefore, geographic tools such as SIG, SIT and IDE were introduced more than a decade ago in order to work the territory management, as well as, according to the sectorial actions of the different Autonomous Administrative Bodies. On the other hand, as a result of the significant development produced during the last years with reference to the basic cartographic production of the Aragonese territory and the improvement of accessibility, a positive impact has been taken place about the management of the susceptible data through the different Spatial Data Infrastructures of the Aragon Government Departments, as well as other Organizations, especially Local Administration.

The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Aragón (IDEAragon) is a technological solution developed by the Geographic Institute of Aragón (IGEAR). IGEAR is a dependent service of the Directorate General of Territory Planning of the Aragón Government. IGEAR is dedicated to manage the production, obtaining and treatment of the territorial documentation, as well as the diffusion of territory planning information.

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