Access to RCA


IDEAragon publishes the Mapping Archive of Aragón to make official all the cartographic products elaborated in the Aragonese territory. The RCA supports the formality of the geographic information and the manager responsibility, so that, users have the certainty that these data is described by the competent organization.

The administrative process is according to Real Decreto 1545/2007, November 23th (National Cartographic System).

Geographic information has to be registered through this open instrument by the competent administrative service where it was produced/elaborated. The main objective is to guarantee the formality, liability and interoperability of geographic data. This procedure also recollects information about the common geographic data in order to assure homogeneity and coherence.

Application form models for RCA are in the following link Orden FOM/1615/2013, August, 9th. It establishes the application form model for the RCA and it also includes different analogue and digital types of application form.


For any doubt or sugestión, please do e-mail us: Mapping Registry of Aragon (RCA)

Link to RCA.