Access to the RJT Viewer


RJT Viewer provides information about those regulation related to a particular spatial area of the territory which is object of consultation. This is a very difficult task because of the variety of existing concerned regulations. It has been attempted to display those regulations which affect the requested spatial area more directly owing to the fact that these regulations limit/make conditional to the future set up activities/uses or have information about their use/current function.

The purpose of the RJT viewer is to achieve a better knowledge of the current affected rules and legal regulation, as well as, trying to be an entrance to the information managers.

Consequently, the aim of the RJT Viewer is to facilitate the access to departments, ministries or organizations which have competence of territorial influence, connecting legal information with territorial view.


For any question or suggestion, do please e-mail us: RJT


  • The general objective of RJT Viewer is to provide a global image about all the regulation affected in a requested spatial area. This process is denominated as Legal Regulation.
  • It provides the information through a singular viewer to different and competent departments or organizations.
  • It frequently provides links to other external websites which manage their own information.
  • Although RJT Viewer is very strict with the served information, it is not neccesarily accurate, updated or exhaustive because of the permanent evolution of the legal framewok.
  • RJT Viewer does not provide professional or legal advice.
  • RJT Viewer adds external cartographic information from different departments or organizations, with non-homogeneous scales, varied adaptation to different administrative proceedings and different levels of updating. All these aspects are under the responsibility of different information managers. Users have to take into account the previous circumstances, so that, they should compare the information served by the RJT Viewer and the own information displayed by other organizations. In case of administrative or legal proceedings, the valid information will be provided by the last ones.
  • Legal displayed information by the RJT Viewer does not substitute legal advertising of the current regulation published in the respective Official Bulletins.
  • The subsequent uses of the served information are under the users responsibility.
  • Distribution of contents and public communications with economic compensation are totally forbidden without previous written permission of the competent department. On the contrary (without economic compensation), the origin of the information must be mentioned.