Section of the web includes a group of geographic applications developed according to thepolitical component (legal framework and instruments of the Cartographic System of Aragón), geographic (geodata, metadata y services), technological (standards, hardware and software), and social (necessities and external/internal actor demands) of IDEAragon.

These geographic applications manage the geographic information through enabled servicies in order to facilitate the search (catalogue and browser), record, display (2Dviewer, 3D viewer, SIOSE, RJT, etc), analysis (viewers, cartographic library, thematic applications, services), and download (download, GNSS, etc) of the geographic information. The available applications are:

Aragon Gazetteer
  • NGA: Gazetteer Browser.

Catalogues and geographic download.
Cartographic Registry
  • RCA: Cartographic Registry of Aragón.

Sectorial/thematic Applications